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Peach Wontons

August 10, 2011

Peach Wontons

Peach Wontons

 This is one of the simplest desserts I think I have ever made.  It is an East meets South affair.  Have you used wonton wrappers before?  They are the easiest things to work with.  All you have to do is dab a little water on the edges and seal.  Here’s the best part, they stay sealed, even when deep fried.  I have to admit I had some reservations about deep frying these little treats because deep frying is a sensitive issue with me.  It always sounds delicious in theory but when it comes to the aftermath my stomach always disagrees.  These were delicious. They were light and crispy with a slight sweetness from the icing sugar.  The deep frying aspect was not offensive at all.  They are perfect little packets of peachy goodness!

Ingredients and Directions for Peach Wontons

Ingredients and Directions for Peach Wontons

1.  Ingredients

2 pounds ripe peaches, peeled and sliced/diced (about 8 peaches)
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
3 tablespoons brown sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
Wonton wrappers (1  12 oz. package)
Canola or vegetable oil, enough for about 1 inch of oil in your pan
Icing sugar for sprinkling

To Prepare the Peach Wontons

  2.  Slice up the peach and toss in a large bowl with flour and brown sugar.

   3.   Lay out the wonton wrappers, drop about a tablespoon of sliced/diced peaches and a tad bit of peach juice in the center of each wonton wrapper.

Using your finger or pastry brush, wet the outside edge of the wonton wrapper.

   4.   Fold one corner of the wrapper over to the other corner, and gently press down to seal edges. Make sure to seal edges thoroughly to avoid the oil splattering. Add an additional fold, if you’d like by dabbing the corners with water and folding them up to meet in the middle.

    5.  Heat 1 inch of canola or vegetable oil in a heavy bottomed pan over medium-high heat to 375°F. Carefully slide wontons into oil and fry for about 2-3 minutes, turning as they fry. When they reach a lovely golden brown, remove from oil to a paper towel lined pan.
Sprinkle with icing sugar.

Let cool ever so slightly and enjoy!

Makes about 50-55 wontons


Peach Wontons

Peach Wontons

This dessert is so quick to throw together.  They are perfect for entertaining guests and will disappear quicker than you can make them.  They are just like mini peach pies 🙂

From our kitchen to yours,
Sydney Jones

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