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All About Bread

This is a check list that you may referrer to when you have trouble with yeast products.  It all boils down to this list.  I will be adding more information to this page over the next little while, so check back for updates!

Bread Faults and their Causes


Poor Volume
Too much salt
Too little yeast
Weak flour
Under or over mixing
Improper fermentation or proofing
Oven too hot

Too Much Volume
Too little salt
Too much yeast
Too much dough scaled
Over proofing

Poor Shape
Too much liquid
Improper molding or make up
Improper proofing
Too much steam in the oven

Split or burst Crust
Over mixing
Under fermentation
Improper molding – seam not on bottom
Oven too hot
Not enough stem in oven

Texture & Crumb

Too dense or close grained
Too little yeast
Under proofing
Too much salt
Too little liquid

Too Coarse or open
Too much yeast
Too much liquid
Incorrect mixing time
Improper fermentation
Over proofing
Pan too large

Streaked Crumb
Improper mixing procedure
Poor molding or makeup techniques
Too much flour used for dusting

Poor texture or crumbly
Fermentation time too long or too short
Over proofing
Baking temperature too low
Flour too weak
Too little salt

Gray Crumb
Fermentation time too long or temperature too high


Too Dark
Too much sugar or milk
Under fermentation (young dough)
Oven temperature too high
Baking time too long
Insufficient steam at beginning of baking

Too Pale
Too little sugar or milk
Over fermentation (old dough)
Over proofing
Oven temperature too low
Baking time too short
Too much steam in the oven

Too Thick
Too little sugar or fat
Over fermentation (old dough)
Baked too long and/or at too low a temperature
Too little steam

Blisters on Crust
Too much liquid
Improper fermentation
Improper shaping of loaves


Flat taste
Too little salt

Poor Flavor
Inferior, spoiled or rancid ingredients
Under or over fermentation

Source:  Professional Cooking Sixth Edition, Wayne Gisslen




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  1. May 2, 2012 12:26 pm

    As an ardent bread maker the only thing I would add to this page is DONT GIVE UP! Most of the time breadmaking goes really well. Great blog by the way. Im just going to press follow.

  2. November 17, 2012 11:36 pm

    Beautiful blog, extremely helpful 🙂 i just started taking baking more seriously recently, it’s a bit overwhelming. Love this post, thanks!!!


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